Leaders Through and Through

Leaders Through and Through

Klondike Leadership Academy is focused on creating a legacy of leaders within our community and within the world. Our goal is to teach children within our program what it means to be a leader, and how they can be one. To do so, we have seven Skill Sets children explore to learn just what it takes to be a great leader. But what are those skill sets, and how are they valuable to your child?

Yes I Can
Many times, in life we are faced with our own worst enemy: Self-doubt. A part of being a leader is knowing how to let go of self-doubt and promoting a positive attitude. Empowering children by encouraging them to take pride in themselves and their actions is an important facet of KLA. We want them to be able to be confident in themselves, but also be aware of how their actions affect other people. We also want to help them learn to take initiative in a situation where they see a need, whether it’s to help someone who needs it, or to pick up after themselves without being told. They should be proud to take responsibility of their actions, and showing them this may help them to keep making good decisions in the future as they try to avoid doing things that they would be ashamed to take responsibility for.

Work Comes Before Play
One of the best things about having children is their propensity for play. Unfortunately, a lot of times their responsibilities are neglected in favor of games, toys, and television. We want to encourage children to complete their responsibilities before they participate in playful activities so that it will be easier for them to sort their priorities as they get older. Knowing that they should get work done before they play saves them from putting a lot of stress on themselves in the future. Good leaders make sure that important things get done before they take time to do something fun, but they don’t stop having fun completely. The goal here is to teach children how to find the best balance between work and play.

Listen Before You Speak
Actively listening to another person is a skill that can take a child far in life. It isn’t only applicable in the case of a child following a parent or teacher’s instructions, but also in their adult life when landing that dream job or building a relationship with a friend. Listening to others can put into perspective, for younger children especially, how important another person’s feelings are. Listening to another person before reacting is also a great way to develop problem solving skills, showing children to get the whole scope of a situation before acting. Often, children don’t think about how their actions can affect others, but this Skill Set has activities in place that help children take the time to evaluate how the things they say can affect other people.

Together is Better
I’m sure as a parent you’ve told your child that sharing is very important. We aim to teach them how to be a part of a team, share responsibilities, and understand social cues. Teamwork is one of the most valuable skills your child can learn that will get them far in the world. They will need good teamwork skills for school and for their future careers. Many jobs require people to work together, so it’s great to get kids used to doing it early. They can learn how to take initiative and take a leader’s role when put into groups, and how the success of everyone is as equally important as their own.

Help to Inspire Others
A leader’s role in society doesn’t solely consist of making plans and setting them into motion. More often, leaders consist of people who lead by inspiring their peers. In this Skill Set kids will learn how to create inspiration among their friends and family, and volunteer within their community. They will learn how to set an example for others, showing them that if they act positively people around them will start to feel better and will act positively too. A leader should make others feel good and should give more than they take.

In our digital age, we’ve grown accustomed to immediacy. This has instilled in our communities a disdain for anything one must work toward. This is especially true among children who have grown up with everything immediately at their fingertips. This Skill Set challenges that by having children pick something they will stay committed to doing for a certain amount of time. Whether that commitment is to save a specific amount of money to buy a new bike or video game, or a commitment to take care of a garden they have started children will spend time working towards that goal, as well as exploring what they will want to do in the future. A leader is always looking toward the future and working toward a goal. Showing children that they must work hard and stay committed to reach a goal sets them up for greatness in the future.

Leaders Are Readers
People are born with a very narrow view of the world. This can be remedied with travel and exposure to varied and exotic places of course, but a more readily available way to expand one’s knowledge is through reading. You expose yourself to new worlds and ideas when reading, expanding your horizons and the way you think. Leaders are people who can see things more than one way, and reading can help open those avenues to children. Reading keeps your mind sharp and focused, and wouldn’t you rather have a leader with a mind like that than one who is dull and uninspired?

By combining all the knowledge and skills they accumulate during their time as a KLA Kid, your child will be set to step out into the world as a leader to inspire those around them to do the same.

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